We pride ourselves in artists who think outside of the box, and present a unique representation of their lane in music. Each artist is chosen not because of their ability to blend into the HeadNOKKA sound, but their ability to add to the overall sound and style.
imagiin360 - #elPresidente and Artist

imagiin360 aka #elPresidente

#elPresidente of HeadNOKKA Media Group, Inc., Eric Gomez started the squad from a love of the music and dedication to the independant business community that surrounded music...
Solo350 - Artist

Solo350 aka The Bully

#theBully of HeadNOKKA Media Group, Inc., Orlando Perez was born in Brooklyn, New York and was raised in Rio Piedra Puerto Rico...
JMecca - Artist

JMecca aka The Role Model

JMecca brings his aggressive wordplay mixed with his selection of hard-hitting beats to create the block bangers that HeadNOKKA is known for...
Regason - Artist

Regason aka The Chef

Regason brings the Spanish wordplay combined with English punchlines to deliver you half of THE RECIPE
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