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Investing in Community, Building Up Business & Pushing for the Arts.

Entertainment & Business

With music as the foundation at what we do; our current brands all exhibit our combined efforts and partnerships actively providing opportunities to the market. Our team is dedicated to creating unique experiences and working in conjunction with like-minded businesses that may also provide opportunities for growth.

See the brands below that represent active projects we are working as team.




Our internal record company focuses on creating an original music catalog that is used to provide licensing, exclusive production, unique shows based on specific audiences. We are always seeking more ways to continue producing genuine artist talent that is both relatable and marketable.

Park Jam Series

Park Jam Concert Series

This concert series is the off season brand for Park Jams Group, LLC that focuses on booking both artists and DJ's to create public concerts and draw attention to the various other talents that encompass the network of DJ's we work with.

A2BAY Hip Hop

A2BAY Hip Hop

This is an independently run touring concert series that focuses on helping markets break out of their general locations and expanding their fanbases. Originally started between partners in the Atlanta and Tampa Bay areas, this collective continue to plan more upcoming concerts across the U.S.

Liratomu, LLC

Liratomu, LLC

An upcoming effort with partners to provide more resources for licensing, radio placements, touring and travel.

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